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Heartland Voters Chart  
June 30, 2020 through July 31, 2020

1926.152151MICKEY GUYTONBlack Like Me9
1837.3511 NEW 2KANYE WEST f/ TRAVIS SCOTTWash Us In The Blood6
1563.693223THE KILLERSCaution21
1539.381574MIRANDA LAMBERTBluebird48
1445.21865SAM HUNTHard To Forget24
1357.021717THE ROLLING STONESLiving In A Ghost Town15
1349.081948KELSEA BALLERINI & HALSEYThe Other Girl19
1333.9814 NEW 9ERIC CHURCHStick That In Your Country Song5
1327.49171910GABBY BARRETT f/ CHARLIE PUTHI Hope73
1314.2613311THE CHICKSGaslighter22
1269.9320812FIONA APPLEShameika16
1199.33292613HAIMDon't Wanna10
1182.718914MICKEY GUYTONWhat Are You Gonna Tell Her?21
1090.18171415BRETT ELDREDGEGabrielle15
1079.43141116PEARL JAMRetrograde18
1023.11624517RASCAL FLATTSHow They Remember You7
1021.67151018THOMAS RHETTBe A Light18
960.23466219THE KILLERSMy Own Soul's Warning7
959.5213220PHOEBE BRIDGERSKyoto16
952.09611721LADY GAGA & ARIANA GRANDERain On Me11
9181211123LUKE BRYANOne Margarita18
890.2154324INGRID ANDRESSThe Stranger20
882.781920325SEMISONICYou're Not Alone6
876.43132526MAREN MORRISTo Hell And Back73
858.31173527PERFUME GENIUSOn The Floor20
855.98124628MADDIE & TAEDie From A Broken Heart93
837.23131829LADY AChampagne Night16
832.2151330SKILLETSave Me23
820.981113031JUSTIN MOOREWhy We Drink42
803.2121532SARA EVANSIf I Can't Have You18
785.43172433TRAVISA Ghost9
751.593434CAYLEE HAMMICKSmall Town Hypocrite20
739.82183935SHINEDOWNAtlas Falls18
725.48139936TIM MCGRAWI Called Mama11
700.147 NEW 37THE CHICKSMarch March5
692.55133338JAKE BUGGRabbit Hole14
683.5115539THE STROKESBrooklyn Bridge To Chorus18
681.928 NEW 40BRING ME THE HORIZONParasite Eve5
681.7111241THE STROKESBad Decisions24
680.6910542GABBY BARRETTThe Good Ones49
664.83136943ARLO PARKSBlack Dog13
658.63144544BRETT YOUNGLady14
657.711331445AMY SHARKEverybody Rise6
649.62 NEW 46NEEDTOBREATHEYou Are Here6
641.85104847KATIE PRUITTExpectations20
638.281110948KELSEA BALLERINIHole In The Bottle19
623.3524249MERCYMEHurry Up And Wait12
597.88116550ASHLEY MCBRYDEOne Night Standards47
592.491651CAMTill There's Nothing Left25
576.110 NEW 52LINDSAY ELLWant Me Back4
575.03458853HARRY STYLESWatermelon Sugar36
572.27172854TAME IMPALALost In Yesterday31
571.55102055U.S. GIRLS4 American Dollars25
555.892356MARTINA MCBRIDEGirls Like Me12
542.682957MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIERThe Bones76
541.8396758GORD BAMFORDJust Let Go16
537.8362759DOLLY PARTONWhen Life Is Good Again9
534.63810160CHRIS JANSONDone35
530.873661THE KILLERSFire In Bone15
516.551622162THE PRETENDERSDidn't Want To Be This Lonely9
509.91124163LIANNE LA HAVASCan't Fight11
496.4577564BROTHERS OSBORNEAll Night11
492.66 NEW 65SUFJAN STEVENSAmerica4
489.01103766ALANIS MORISETTEDiagnosis15
478.13315567CAINRise Up (Lazarus)12
465.0125 NEW 68WEEZERHero13
460.48 NEW 69PRYOR & LEEY'allsome5
457.36 NEW 70JESSIE WAREThe Kill5
449.656 NEW 71DERMOT KENNEDYGiants6
449.422172LEDGERMy Arms28
443.4310473SWITCHFOOTLucky Man8
435.98722574JON PARDIAin't Always The Cowboy21
434.38710675FLORIDA GEORGIA LINEI Love My Country19
427.91424176DUA LIPABreak My Heart19
425.78133177JACK GARRATTBetter14
409.9343878CARLY PEARCE f/ LEE BRICEI Hope You're Happy Now45
409.53 NEW 79OLD DOMINIONNever Be Sorry5
405.4589480NICOLE ATKINSDomino18
403.8313581JEREMY CAMPKeep Me In The Moment24
403.46315282TWENTY ONE PILOTSLevel Of Concern17
402.879283KANE BROWNCool Again15
389.78147084GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)23
389.4878585KEITH URBANGod Whispered Your Name23
389.42 NEW 86SEABIRDLove Will Be Enough6
389.116 NEW 87EVANESCENCEThe Game Is Over5
387.0135888REDThe War We Made19
383.25384989THE WEEKNDIn Your Eyes20
381.168190LEE BRICEOne Of Them Girls17
377.265391NOAH CYRUS f/ LEON BRIDGESJuly.44
373.588 NEW 92RUNAWAY JUNEWe Were Rich5
372.679093TENILLE ARTSSomebody Like That35
369.264794MELANIE DYERMemphis T-Shirt20
365.366895MARK CHESNUTTI Found Another (And She Hates Me Too)15
359.65810397RUSSELL DICKERSONLove You Like I Used to25
358.19814598TAME IMPALABreathe Deeper25
358.02718099MACKENZIE PORTERThese Days56
3571132100SCOTT STAPPMary's Crying35
356.7544101INGRID ANDRESSMore Hearts Than Mine70
356.68258102LIAM GALLAGHERSad Song22
350.25787103NEIL FINN f/ STEVIE NICKS & CHRISTINE MCVIEFind Your Way Back Home10
349.41750104EVANESCENCEWasted On You15
345.037187106MICHAEL KIWANUKARolling14
344.187140107LAURA MARLINGHeld Down17
342.94 NEW 108SAULTWildfires5
342.88674109BRAD PAISLEYNo I In Beer15
340.162657110KATY PERRYDaisies11
338.16102111SOPHIA SCOTTBeauty In The Flaws16
330.188315112BAKARHell N Back35
325.214267113MARGO PRICELetting Me Down6
323.751107114SCOTT STAPPFace Of The Sun15
322.3615114115THE PRETTY RECKLESSDeath By Rock And Roll11
321.058131116CAMRedwood Tree9
320.8661117MATT STELLEverywhere But On47
318.15 NEW 118CARO EMERALDWake Up Romeo5
314.355350119KACEY MUSGRAVESOh, What A World120
312.14198120PHOEBE BRIDGERSI See You9
310.634174121JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITDreamsicle9
310.157121122HELEN LOVESongs From My Teens9
306.85651123ALANIS MORISETTESmiling24
306.251138124GOLD FRANKINCENSE & MYRRHI Don't Need Your Fantasy15
306.251116125DISCIPLECuff The Criminal21
3061 NEW 126HOUSE GOSPEL CHOIRSalvation5
303.059 NEW 127FUTURE ISLANDSFor Sure4
302.468220128BAD WOLVESSober45
300.255276129MADELINE MERLOKiss Kiss14
300.24377130PEARL JAMDance Of The Clairvoyants28
299.632 NEW 131REAMONNPromise (You And Me)9
298.93 NEW 132HAIMLos Angeles4
297.256118133KIP MOOREShe's Mine49
293.437218135MIDLANDCheatin' Songs31
287.336199137JASON ALDEANGot What I Got17
283.54150138LENNY KRAVITZRide9
2821125139TAUREN WELLSLike You Love Me30
281.156361140LUKE COMBSLovin' On You49
281.068 NEW 141JAMES BAYChew On My Heart4
277.079240142WHITE REAPERReal Long Time54
271.9456143COLDPLAYChampion Of The World79
271.251159144IGNITE THE FIRELazarus12
271.251139145PARADISE NOWSupernatural16
270.277110146TENNISNeed Your Love28
269.44 NEW 147INGRID ANDRESSWaste Of Lime4
264.985154148PARKER MCCOLLUMPretty Heart45
264.85398149ALEENo One Like You21
264.53167150COLE SWINDELLSingle Saturday Night9
264.45364151PETRICSomething To Do With You26
264.352 NEW 152MARGO PRICEStone Me5
260.873 NEW 153ALANIS MORISETTEReckoning4
257.251166154DEMON HUNTERPeace21
256.929122155MARSHMELLO & HALSEYBe Kind14
253.66371156SCOTT STAPPSurvivor33
250.865 NEW 157HAIMGasoline6
250.1776158LOVELYTHEBANDLoneliness For Love25
2462 NEW 159DIZZYRoman Candles4
244.64 NEW 160PHOEBE BRIDGERSI Know The End5
244.22215161SEAN TOBINSuburbanite6
243.251201162JENNA PARRThose Eyes6
243.184161163TIM HICKSNo Truck Song23
242372164KENNY CHESNEYHere And Now23
241.62 NEW 165LIANNE LA HAVASWeird Fishes6
2412 NEW 166NICK MULVEYBegin Again8
240.551583167KELLY CLARKSONI Dare You18
238.7410176168MATT MAESONHallucinogenics18
236.3310124169WITHIN TEMPTATIONEntertain You14
233.5811328170BUSHJapanese Freight Train8
233.32273171BLOSSOMSIf You Think This Is Real Life26
228.85554172HAIMThe Steps22
226.54142174LAUREN ALAINAGetting Good45
225.64100175DALLAS SMITHLike A Man16
2251151176JEREMY CAMPFather18
224.5360177CELESTEI Can See The Change10
223.883392178LOCASHOne Big Country Song68
221.13 NEW 179HAIM3am5
220.44 NEW 180DOVESPrisoners4
2174342181RUTH B.If I Have A Son6
212.936177182LOCAL NATIVESDark Days18
212.8113112183BILLY TALENTI Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)18
211.31093184DECLAN MCKENNAThe Key To Life On Earth16
211.036 NEW 185DYLAN SCOTTNobody25
210.76192186RAY LAMONTAGNEStrong Enough9
209.33340187LITTLE BIG TOWNWine, Beer, Whiskey29
208.889158188MILKY CHANCE f/ JACK JOHNSONDon't Let Me Down14
207.82214189DONNA MISSALLet You Let Me Down6
206.535 NEW 191ELVIS COSTELLONo Flag5
206.51160193SEVENTH DAY SLUMBERMan Down21
203.33134194MORRISSEYKnockabout World23
202.884239195KATHLEEN EDWARDSOptions Open9
202.78216196BLACK PUMASFire70
202.44230197MORGAN WALLENChasin' You82
202.183 NEW 198GONE WESTWhat Could've Been55
201.743189199BADLY DRAWN BOYI Need Someone To Trust11
201.354169200OLD DOMINIONSome People Do54
2001234201KATIE PRUITTGeorgia14
2001289202KYLIE FREYOne Night In Tulsa35
2001184203RAELYNNBra Off34
2001300204OF MONTREALPeace To All Freaks36
2001136205THOMAS RHETT f/ JON PARDIBeer Can't Fix63
199.732 NEW 206JOSH BALDWINEvidence3
198.447290207THE HUWolf Totem69
196.455238208MARCUS KINGOne Day She's Here11
1961268209NINE LASHESGuilty Hands6
195.897113210OZZY OSBOURNE & ELTON JOHNOrdinary Man28
195.53213211DONNA MISSALHurt By You9
192.357147213FLORENCE & THE MACHINELight Of Love15
192.135178214HARDY f/ LAUREN ALAINAOne Beer28
190.3391215HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWSWhile We're Young34
187.43266216GONE WESTSlow Down22
187.251210217JON THE REVELATORFighting Monsters18
186.2716181218LEWIS CAPALDIBefore You Go36
186278219OASISDon't Stop14
1861211220SWITCHFOOTLet It Happen82
185.32127221ZELLA DAYMy Game9
1851 NEW 222SAULTStop Dem4
1851 NEW 223NEIL FINNLast Day of June5
1851359224SILVER FOXESHandle With Care8
1851182225KALEOI Want More28
183.12377226CAITLYN SMITHFly Away21
182.53162227MORRISSEYBobby, Don't You Think They Know?30
182.477217228TOM WALKERWait For You8
178.51294229DAVReach Out6
178.51188230COLLISION OF INNOCENCEThe First & The Last18
178.052170231MANDISAYou Keep Hope Alive7
176.135175232LEON BRIDGES f/ TERRACE MARTINSweeter8
1751299234MADDIE & TAEEverywhere I'm Goin'18
173.23566236PEARL JAMSuperblood Wolfmoon24
173.183 NEW 237THE CHICKSSleep At Night1
173.12 NEW 238CHIQUISJolene4
173.05141332395 SECONDS OF SUMMERWildflower18
172.7127108240DOJA CATSay So31
172.62356241KEITH URBANSteal My Thunder9
171.237144242BRIAN POSEHNNew Music Sucks16
1712129243LIANNE LA HAVASPaper Thin11
170.467 NEW 244CHRIS CORNELLPatience2
169.73231245MORRISSEYJim Jim Falls12
167.41 NEW 246SEABIRDTrust6
166.23 NEW 247LADY A f/ LITTLE BIG TOWNThe Thing That Wrecks You4
166.035293249KANE BROWNWorldwide Beautiful9
165.682 NEW 250JORDAN FELIZGlorify7
165.248 NEW 251GLASS ANIMALSHeat Waves4
165.173344252BEN HAZLEWOODCollateral14
1651 NEW 254GABBY BARRETTThank God4
1651202255THUNDERCATInnerstellar Love13
1651338256DANNY VAUGHNKelly's Gone14
1651323257REBA MCENTIREIn His Mind18
1651 NEW 258SPARKSI'm Toast18
1651 NEW 259JESSIE WAREAdore You77
164.51244260WE ARE VESSELLift Your Voice12
164.32 NEW 261PASSENGERQueenstown2
163.736242262MONDO COZMOUpside Down15
163.593291263HARRY STYLESSunflower Vol. 629
161.957190264BUSHFlowers On A Grave22
161.485 NEW 265DUSTIN LYNCHMomma's House28
160.984117266PETE YORNI Wanna Be The One25
1592 NEW 267THE WATERBOYSMy Wanderings In The Weary Land5
158.368 NEW 268DIPLO f/ MORGAN WALLENHeartless47
158.12396269ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONESCall Me76
157.81733427010 YEARSThe Shift11
157.43 NEW 271OK GOThe One Moment8
157.153271272HIGH SOUTHAll We Need16
1561 NEW 273CHRIS TOMLINThank You Lord4
1551 NEW 274SARAH JAROSZOrange And Blue11
154.82 NEW 275RHETT WALKERGood To Me2
154.62 NEW 276WALKER HAYESTrash My Heart10
154.4289277BLAKE SHELTON & GWEN STEFANINobody But You33
154.364355278THE EXPLORERS CLUBOne Drop Of Rain10
153.1723193279THE WEEKNDBlinding Lights35
152.251261280SAVED BY SKARLETConquerors12
151.95 NEW 281PHANTOM PLANETOnly One9
1502274282DIRTY HONEYRolling 7's41
149.83 NEW 283KHRUANGBINPelota4
149.52257284THUNDERCATFunny Thing17
149.288 NEW 285MASSIVE WAGONSHouse Of Noise5
148.4810115286NOTHING BUT THIEVESIs Everybody Going Crazy?21
148.23292287JAMESON RODGERSSome Girls35
1483393288LUCY ROSEQuestion It All8
147.9520277289DUA LIPADon't Start Now40
147.61 NEW 290SEABIRDRescue6
147.52313291WYN STARKSCircles24
1471 NEW 292THE WATERBOYSThe Soul Singer2
1471 NEW 293PAUL WELLERMore3
1471 NEW 294GABBY BARRETTJesus & My Mama4
1471371295JARON COXTwisted Carousel44
146.83 NEW 296FIONA APPLECosmonauts14
146.457363297THE BLACK MOODSSunshine15
146.135283298KILLSWITCH ENGAGEI Can't Be The Only One23
146.056 NEW 299THE DIRTY NILDone With Drugs6
145.95 NEW 300BRANTLEY GILBERTHard Days9
144.355 NEW 301JORDAN DAVISAlmost Maybes8
144.23 NEW 302RYAN HURDEvery Other Memory8
1442 NEW 303BRIGHT EYESMariana Trench5
142.9110388304BOB MOULDAmerican Crisis9
142.467301305BREAKING BENJAMIN f/ LACEY STRUMDear Agony9
141.84 NEW 306BEN FOLDS20205
141.52264308SONDRE LERCHEWhy Would I Let You Go14
1401296309THE NATIONAL PARKSI Can Feel It6
1401212310TAME IMPALAIs It True22
139.52 NEW 311STEPHANIE QUAYLEWhatcha Drinkin 'Bout25
1391297312ERIC CLAPTON & B.B. KINGRollin' And Tumblin'10
138.73 NEW 313THE JAYHAWKSDogtown Days12
137.918120314BILLIE JOEI Think We're Alone Now19
137.42247315SOCCER MOMMYCircle The Drain26
137.12 NEW 316GANG OF YOUTHSThe Heart Is A Muscle135
136.8282317TRAVIS DENNINGAfter A Few79
136.51343318BAYLESSReady Aim6
136.51222319JENNA PARRBreak Me26
135.038364321ONEREPUBLICBetter Days18
134.52 NEW 322SERENA RYDERCandy3
133.83 NEW 323DANIELLE BRADBERRYNever Have I Ever4
133.22 NEW 325TRICKYFall Please4
133.24 NEW 326CHRIS PETERSENEdge Of Eighteen5
132.63 NEW 327JAKE OWENMade For You18
132.52146328THE STROKESAt The Door25
131.418398329KATE VOEGELEAnxious10
131.3815 NEW 330KATY PERRYSmile4
131.251308331JOHN SCHLITTFeel It12
129.64325332TOKYO MOTOR FISTYoungblood12
129.42 NEW 333CAROLINE ROSEFeel The Way I Want31
128.4163334MICHAEL W. SMITHWaymaker30
126.436286336LUMINEERSSalt And The Sea41
125.731379337X AMBASSADORSHold You Down62
125.153 NEW 338MOON TAXIHometown Heroes15
125.13 NEW 339AMARANTHEViral5
124.7720205340KYGO f/ ONEREPUBLICLose Somebody16
124.63153341TYLER FARROnly Truck In Town26
1241 NEW 342OLD DOMINIONGoes Without Saying5
1241341343THELMA PLUMThese Days6
1241265344CLARE DUNNMoney's All Gone40
1241 NEW 345BRETT KISSELCecilia89
122.72 NEW 346OK GOI Won't Let You Down8
120.3226196348ARIANA GRANDE & JUSTIN BIEBERStuck With U13
120.051208349TORN DOWNAlive6
119.73 NEW 351MICHAEL STIPENo Time For Love Like Now17
119.52 NEW 352COLDPLAYArabesque40
119.22 NEW 353SHY CARTERGood Love5
119.22346354JASON ALDEANI Don't Drink Anymore12
118.62 NEW 355LITTLE BIG TOWNSugar Coat35
118.184 NEW 356MORGAN WALLENMore Than My Hometown11
118.12 NEW 357THE ALLERGIESSince You've Been Gone12
1181360358SPARKSAll That9
117.51383359DERMOT KENNEDYOutnumbered58
117.32 NEW 360AARON WATSONWhisper My Name3
117.36347361FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCHA Little Bit Off18
116.93 NEW 362LAURA MARLINGStrange Girl15
116.82 NEW 363JASON MCCOY & FRIENDSWe Are One12
116.63378364DEVON GILFILLIANThe Good Life11
116.551362365BURIED ABOVEThe Front Lines12
1154 NEW 366PSYCHEDELIC FURSCome All Ye Faithful5
114.83305367ONE DESIREAfter You're Gone16
114.354 NEW 368THE JAYHAWKSThis Forgotten Town12
113.654389369THE ISOLATION JAMS f/ KAY HANLEYAh! Leah!9
112.92 NEW 370CLARE DUNNSalt And Lime3
112.45 NEW 371THE FLAMING LIPS f/ KACEY MUSGRAVESFlowers Of Neptune9
112.3912 NEW 372SCOTT HELMANWait No More9
112.351 NEW 373MADONNAGod Control58
112.195 NEW 374BAD OMENSLimits5
1121 NEW 375PHOEBE BRIDGERSHalloween4
1121375376KATIE PRUITTOut Of The Blue14
1121273377BEN WATTSummer Ghosts16
111.82 NEW 378KEITH URBANSame Heart9
111.32 NEW 379MICHIGANDERMisery43
110.783141380JIMMIE ALLEN & NOAH CYRUSThis Is Us20
110.22 NEW 381TOKYO MOTOR FISTMonster In Me3
108.7719 NEW 382NOTHING BUT THIEVESReal Love Song6
108.51390383THE DEVIL WEARS PRADAChemical18
108.385248384MATT CAMERONDown The Middle16
107.74302385PAUL WELLERVillage14
107.65263386BEST COASTEverything Has Changed27
107.353 NEW 387BROTHER FIRETRIBEBring On The Rain13
1071 NEW 388GABBY BARRETTWrite It On My Heart4
1072 NEW 389BRAD COXDrinking Season6
1071262390SARA EVANSHard To Say I'm Sorry15
105.8821284392JONAS BROTHERS f/ KAROL GX11
105.683 NEW 393MY MORNING JACKETFeel You3
105.4917 NEW 394KENNYHOOPLAHow Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried by A Highway24
104.986156395BILLIE EILISHEverything I Wanted38
104.74324396THE HEAD AND THE HEARTHoneybee70
104.565 NEW 397SAINT ASONIABlind20
104.4215 NEW 398SIATogether11
104.31 NEW 399THE BIRDSONGSReality40
1042 NEW 400TRAVISValentine4

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