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Heartland Voters Chart  
April 15, 2019 through May 15, 2019

3668.31511MAREN MORRISGirl13
3555.033552THE BLACK KEYSLo/Hi6
2860.221223VAMPIRE WEEKENDHarmony Hall12
2815.151544KELSEA BALLERINIMiss Me More70
2539.851465ASHLEY MCBRYDEGirl Goin' Nowhere19
2462.451136GEORGE STRAITEvery Little Honky Tonk Bar9
2393.1633487TAME IMPALAPatience4
2359.1513598BLAKE SHELTONGod's Country3
2128.751289ERIC CHURCHSome Of It23
1933.3224710KACEY MUSGRAVESRainbow52
1802.85101211CODY JOHNSONOn My Way To You35
1779.5573312MORGAN WALLENWhiskey Glasses40
1560.571813MICHAEL RAYOne That Got Away35
1557.2181314THE NATIONALYou Had Your Soul With You6
1521.662815BRETT YOUNGHere Tonight30
1510.491416RUNAWAY JUNEBuy My Own Drinks38
1481.3171117CAGE THE ELEPHANTReady To Let Go11
1454.97918FLORENCE & THE MACHINEModeration12
1422.286619ELI YOUNG BANDLove Ain't46
1372.561520SARA EVANSLong Way Down74
137084321LAUREN ALAINALadies In The 90s28
1367.4255722THOMAS RHETTLook What God Gave Her6
1329.4585323JASON ALDEANRearview Town9
1281.571724JAKE OWENDown To The Honkytonk35
1263.08142725LEWIS CAPALDISomeone You Loved20
1244.2563026RILEY GREENThere Was This Girl39
1242.261627LUKE COMBSBeautiful Crazy30
1224.392628DIERKS BENTLEYLiving9
1203.65712929REBA MCENTIREFreedom3
116465430MADDIE & TAEDie From A Broken Heart25
1157.362931CHRIS YOUNGRaised On Country13
1153.1137632THE HEAD AND THE HEARTMissed Connection5
1125.6564433CARLY PEARCECloser To You24
1122.665 NEW 34VAMPIRE WEEKENDThis Life2
1117.253735THE KILLERSLand Of The Free14
1071.8332136LAUREN DAIGLEYou Say38
106774637BROTHERS OSBORNEI Don't Remember Me (Before You38
1051.765538JON PARDINight Shift42
1033.472539THE CRANBERRIESAll Over Now13
1027.3556040TENILLE TOWNESSomebody's Daughter32
1018.1583941JOHN MAYERI Guess I Just Feel Like8
1013.132042SHARON VAN ETTENSeventeen14
1009.66113843MUMFORD & SONSBeloved21
1006.9541044REBA MCENTIREStronger Than The Truth8
971.468745MATT STELLPrayed For You18
959.4146847GEORGE EZRAPretty Shining People57
942.10 NEW 48CARRIE UNDERWOODSouthbound1
869.19177250CAGE THE ELEPHANTHouse Of Glass6

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