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Beyond Radio’s Heartland Chart

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Heartland Voters Chart  
October 22, 2017 through November 6, 2017

5283.582111PORTUGAL, THE MANFeel It Still36
3363.771822THE KILLERSThe Man21
3285.82133BECKUp All Night57
2929.891244FOO FIGHTERSThe Sky Is A Neighborhood11
2898.712355U2You're The Best Thing About Me9
2866.4866CITIZEN WAYBulletproof28
2741.1477LUKE COMBSWhen It Rains It Pours19
2701.56988BECKDear Life10
2347.951099KANE BROWN f/ LAUREN ALAINAWhat Ifs42
2346.6961010MIRANDA LAMBERTTin Man31
2323.9821111SKILLETThe Resistance14
2284.261212KENNY CHESNEYAll The Pretty Girls23
2233.58171313LIAM GALLAGHERFor What It's Worth12
216031414THIRD DAYRevival26
2105.6561515MAREN MORRISI Could Use A Love Song74
2099.841616JEREMY CAMPWord Of Life19
1847.49151717ST. VINCENTLos Ageless8
1840.18101818ARCADE FIREEverything Now23
1812.451919THE AFTERSEyes Of A Believer30
179652020DANNY GOKEYThe Comeback28
1793.272121THOMAS RHETTUnforgettable14
1697.4192222THE NATIONALThe System Only Dreams In Total Darkness25
1689.642323MERCYMEHappy Dance7
1687.452424JON PARDIHeartache On The Dancefloor43
1681.352525CARLY PEARCEEvery Little Thing50
1670.262626NOTHING BUT THIEVESSorry14
1641.5572727MANCHESTER ORCHESTRAThe Gold21
1609.36112828ALICE MERTONNo Roots45
1572.9492929MORRISSEYSpent The Day In Bed7
1566.453030BRITT NICOLEBe The Change60
1551.4393131THE NATIONALDay I Die10
1536.123232ERIC CHURCHRound Here Buzz93
1524.9283333THE REVIVALISTSWish I Knew You84
1444.4113434COLD WAR KIDS f/ BISHOP BRIGGSSo Tied Up33
1442.6893535THE WAR ON DRUGSHolding On23
1437.193636LONDON GRAMMARNon Believer12
1427.7953737IMAGINE DRAGONSBeliever40
1420.743838SARA EVANSMarquee Sign21
1408.6433939BLAKE SHELTONI'll Name The Dogs8
1321.544040LAUREN ALAINADoin' Fine38
1317.844141CHRIS JANSONFix A Drink26
1217.57184242PHILLIP PHILLIPSMiles12
1193.9624343CHRIS STAPLETONBroken Halos29
1186.724444DUSTIN LYNCHSmall Town Boy37
1183.3674545BARNS COURTNEYGolden Dandelions19
117604646UNSPOKENThe Cure42
116034747BRAD PAISLEYLast Time For Everything30
115924848JASON ALDEANThey Don't Know27
1150.1334949QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEThe Way You Used To Do21
1131.605050LECRAE f/ TORI KELLYI'll Find You21