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Heartland Voters Chart  
March 31, 2020 through April 30, 2020

3748.154211DIXIE CHICKSGaslighter9
3129.26192THE KILLERSCaution8
1915.022723PEARL JAMDance Of The Clairvoyants15
1874.723154SAM HUNTHard To Forget11
1585.72255CAMTill There's Nothing Left12
1564.993886TAME IMPALALost In Yesterday18
1510.362037THE STROKESBad Decisions11
1442.1815128MIRANDA LAMBERTBluebird35
1423.3525229HAIMThe Steps9
1290.15201110CARRIE UNDERWOODDrinking Alone80
1271.116711GABBY BARRETTI Hope60
1227.378812LEDGERMy Arms15
1207.45161413ALANIS MORISETTESmiling11
1155.7424614PEARL JAMSuperblood Wolfmoon11
1129.23192015BLAKE SHELTON & GWEN STEFANINobody But You20
1099.55141916ASHLEY MCBRYDEOne Night Standards34
1032192517COLDPLAYChampion Of The World66
950.5111018INGRID ANDRESSMore Hearts Than Mine57
921.88142619THOMAS RHETT f/ JON PARDIBeer Can't Fix50
912.7151320CELESTEStop This Flame18
906.68133021LUKE COMBS f/ ERIC CHURCHDoes To Me13
898.21113822FRATELLISSix Days In June11
886.0914423MAREN MORRIS f/ HOZIERThe Bones63
873.5137224LAUREN ALAINAGetting Good32
800.118 NEW 26THE STROKESBrooklyn Bridge To Chorus5
799.87145227NOAH CYRUS f/ LEON BRIDGESJuly.31
793.78141828GREEN DAYOh Yeah!16
790.6118429CAYLEE HAMMICKSmall Town Hypocrite7
775.2554230SKILLETSave Me10
770114131MICKEY GUYTONWhat Are You Gonna Tell Her?8
764.920 NEW 32THE PRETENDERSThe Buzz8
761.863 NEW 33SCOTT STAPPSurvivor20
720.78101634CARLY PEARCE f/ LEE BRICEI Hope You're Happy Now32
698.09152435THE BLACK KEYSShine A Little Light43
683.28123236U.S. GIRLS4 American Dollars12
658.62492937LADY GAGAStupid Love10
654.251137338JACK GARRATTTime6
636.8884739MADDIE & TAEDie From A Broken Heart80
619.2836040MICHAEL W. SMITHWaymaker17
612.0511 NEW 41PEARL JAMQuick Escape6
585.99 NEW 42SARA EVANSIf I Can't Have You5
552.773643SOPHIA SCOTTI Ain't Me Without You11
546.9911 NEW 44THE ROLLING STONESLiving In A Ghost Town2
543.3529745LA ROUXAutomatic Driver13
541.28257046GLASS ANIMALSYour Love (Deja Vu)10
540.18917547MORGAN WALLENChasin' You69
523.111910048BUSHFlowers On A Grave9
519.9712249MELANIE DYERMemphis T-Shirt7
514.51 NEW 50SKILLETVictorious16

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