Love Is Mystical


Man With A Mission remain at #1 for a second week and Atomic Tom rebound back up to #2. Former #1 “Love Is Mystical” slides back to #3.

The next contender for #1 should be “Another Stranger” by Twin Wild. They reached #3 in January with “My Heart”. This week it spends its 29th week in the top 150. They could ascend to the top 10 again soon with “Superstar”, moving 92-71 this week.

One of the coolest songs out right now is the bluesy alt-rocker “Burning Man” by Watt f/ Post Malone. It jumps 100-69 and almost certain top 10. Last year Andrew Watt placed 2 songs on my personal chart, including the #5 “Ghost In My Head”. He is definitely one to watch.

By: Radio Tim 
Mar 20, 2017