Beyond Radio Presents – Castlist 11 – Ep 2 -What I Did Last Summer, The Morning After


This episode is nostalgia-centric though it does stem from a fun summer story. There are lots of movie and television references in the episode as well.

From the title, the Maureen McGovern song The Morning After leads us down a movie path and towards one of my favorite shows of all-time. Plus a group with a cheesy ’70s instrumental has ties to the early days of hip hop.

We move to the Carpenters where more TV is discussed and we end with my sister on stage at the Garden State Arts Center.

After that, we return to a major fav artist of mine and re-visit the idea of song bridges where connections between The Knack, The Flaming Lips, The The, and Prince are made.

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By: Radio Tim 
Nov 6, 2023