A Podcast in Honor of my Mother, Happy Birthday Mom


This is one of the most personal episodes we have put out so far. The first half of the episode is focused mainly on my mother and the episode coincides with her birthday and the 20th anniversary of her passing. When we recorded this in March 2019 I had no idea this is when it would see the light of day, but the universe seems to have had a hand in it.

It is a long episode but I didn’t want to break it up into a 2-parter. There is a natural break in the middle though.

The episode is focused on people who have passed and how music relates to that, but it is not a somber episode. It’s an episode about the stories behind the connections and the gifts they have become. I think I blindsided Jeff since he did not know where the episode was going at first and it was hard for him to articulate his responses. I also was nervous before getting into the episode because I didn’t know how emotional I would become. In the end, my emotions have been confined to the t lead-up and editing process.

The main takeaway is how personal everyone’s connection to music is and the triggers that make a song stay a part of your life forever. And that is truly a gift.

It is also available on Spotify 

By: Radio Tim 
Apr 17, 2021