A New Podcast: Beyond Radio Presents Castlist 006. Episode 5, Connect The Dots


It has been about 6 weeks since I posted the last episode. During that time there has been a lot of activity at our house with work on our garage turned music studio/party room/podcast office the main focus. It is very exciting to have a place to display my albums, CDs, and mixed tapes. The side walls of the garage are granite and as I suspected, it makes for great acoustics.

The songs in this episode all connect in a sort of succession. A large part of the episode focuses on early Elton John deep cuts that had an impact on my childhood. They connect in ways to my favorite Keith Urban song, Moulin Rouge, and an arc about actors who sing and how they are connected.

This was a hot and cold mix of music for Jeff but he is always a good sport. Not always knowing where the next connection was going, a few surprises were revealed. Of those was one that blew me away.

It’s a long episode, a little over 75 minutes, but there was no good way to break it up. As always there are laughs to be had and things to be learned.

By: Radio Tim 
Nov 25, 2020