A Milestone for the Beyond Radio Presents Podcast and Site Update


I’ve just expanded the monthly Genre, Hybrid, and Untapped charts from only 50 positions to the full charts. I have posted all the June charts. You no longer need to subscribe to the website to access additional content but I would ask that if you enjoy the charts, podcast, playlists, and blog that you consider contributing  via the member link or through Paypal (found to the right) so I can continue to keep these elements updated in a timely manner. This will also help me to make the pitches I am working on to gain more exposure for what I do here.

This is a really fun episode 2 years in the making. Wake up your music discovery genes and learn what we do on our podcasts. There is always laughter, there’s always nostalgia, and there’s always discovery. And this one features a lot of great under the radar artists. Watch the video to get an overview.


Beyond Radio Presents – Castlist 003 – Ep. 10 – Our Top 10’s

The corresponding Spotify playlist for this Castlist now sports 150 songs that we talked about or used in these episodes.

By: Radio Tim 
Jun 30, 2020