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Pictured with his band to the right, You, The Music Fan, are the Reason the Digital Age Doesn’t Suck.. Here is my response after reading it.

Dust of the Seventies” is very Poco, whom I saw at an outdoor venue in NYC my senior year of high school. My love of music probably started with hearing ‘Let’s Hang On” blasting out of my friend Raymond’s sister’s window when I was five but kicked into gear with the Partridge Family! Having those songs on my TV every week was amazing. Then Elton John changed my world. I started to have this unending need to hear more music.

When I first heard American Top 40 I knew there was even more out there beyond the somewhat stale NY radio I was listening to. I started my own personal top 40 and also started to flip through the radio dials searching for new music and tabulating the weekly results into my own airplay charts. Check out my website to see the oldest personal chart I still have in my possession. You can listen on Spotify as well.

Two of the biggest songs on the airplay chart in high school were “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Come Sail Away”. One of my mostvivd memories was my freshman year, going to a record store with my friend Patrick and buying Queen’s “A Night At The Opera”. I loved “Bohemian Rhapsody” but going back to his house and listening to the album was a magical experience. Starting with “Death On Two Legs” (amazing!) and journeying through the unbelievably diverse collection of songs was truly a pivotal moment.

I have thousands of lp’s and 45’s, unfortunately now in my basement with nowhere to display them. But fortunately, for good or bad, this digital age allows for easy access to almost too much new and old to discover. I am so blessed to have stayed with my music discovery passion all of my life and to share it with those interested through my website.

Thanks Steve for sharing your story and I’ll be sure to share it to all who want ot see it. Speaking of pivotal moments, the scope of my website is expanding and going from hobby to career so I am glad you are on board for the ride. It is my intent to help music fans discover new music with ease and artists to reach a larger audience.


By: Radio Tim 
Apr 10, 2016